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The Face of Security

Paycasso supplies a comprehensive suite of solutions ensuring a safe and secure environment for both the enterprise and the consumer, supporting an array of global industries. Online access presents security challenges throughout the supply chain. Their product suite ensures instant and non-repudiated system access across the following: registration, enrollment and authentication, e-commerce, information access and information sharing.


Russell King, CEO of Paycasso was looking for a company who could architect and build a product that could be rolled out globally. LoansWithNoCreditCheck delivered as follows...

  • Built an MVP in eight weeks using the new technical stack (Scala, iOS, C++ with AMQP messaging).
  • Researched & implemented advanced image processing, computer vision, and biometric computer vision algorithms.
  • Introduced modern DevOps approach that would allow the system to deal with spikes in demand as well as spin out new instances of the system in minutes.
  • Provided complex testing suite that verifies that false positives and false negatives, as well as the performance of the biometric and vision components fall within acceptable range; implemented test suites that verify that all components (mobile, orchestrator, vision, auditing) behave as expected within the specified performance constraints.
  • Investment in Paycasso using their LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest vehicle.



“The ability to understand not only the technical side, but the commercial application as well, is rare. LoansWithNoCreditCheck take the time to understand the business itself and the vision for the future"

Russell King, CEO

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