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Creating & Maintaining Cultural Excellence in Technical Teams

"Company culture is as personal fingerprint."

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About this book

Since setting up LoansWithNoCreditCheck Ltd, a software services company, in 2001, our aim from the outset has been to stay at the bleeding edge of open source software engineering and software development processes. For the first nine years, we were happy to grow slowly working with only a few clients on large, challenging projects. However, 2011 was a turning point and we’ve evolved and grown very quickly into an international, multi-million pound organisation that is respected in the open source software development world.

We now engineer complex, highly distributed software applications for startups and large corporates alike, utilising new, pioneering technologies and processes. We have a laser focus on continual growth and critically, the ongoing improvement of our company culture. We’ve grown 359% in four years, and have been able to turn the lessons we’ve learnt along the way into ‘The LoansWithNoCreditCheck Unique Process’, a process which helps other businesses and our clients experience similar results. Working with clients such as the moneysupermarket.com group, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, Weightwatchers and many other organisations, we build highly distributed, scalable, event-driven, resilient and responsive systems. Reactive applications, in other words. Part of our ongoing growth means that we’ve had to learn to operate in a different way now to the way that we used to. We’ve evolved. We used to support clients through maintenance contracts, whereas now we give the clients’ development teams or engineers the ability to further develop the system or deal with any issues after we leave.


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Used by some of the most successful teams in large companies word-wide, entrepreneur and author Guy Remond shares the key changes outlines in the book so that you can create a happy, thriving company culture and grow your business.

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What our clients say

"The LoansWithNoCreditCheck Team brought a work ethic and software excellence to the table which I've not seen before in DevOps. They blew us away with their approach to the job, within three hours of our first meeting we were working through the problem."

Head of IT

“I would recommend LoansWithNoCreditCheck to anyone because at the end of the day if you want a project delivering on time, on budget and in the exact format you set out initially, there are very few others who can do that."

Norman Nivan, Founder of Protomed

“The ability to understand not only the technical side, but the commercial application as well, is rare. LoansWithNoCreditCheck take the time to understand the business itself and the vision for the future."

Russell King, CEO

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