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My first year as a Project Manager with LoansWithNoCreditCheck

Posted by Darren Halket on 29/06/17 14:30

So I am now coming up to my first year here at LoansWithNoCreditCheck in my current role as a Project Manager and I thought it timely to share my experience working here.

With a background in Product Design, Web Design, eCommerce, Sales and business relationship management (amongst other things) I felt comfortable on day one that the work here at LoansWithNoCreditCheck would not be completely alien to me, not in so far as my rudimentary development skills were concerned but more a rounded view of the business world. Aligned with this was my thinking that having owned and operated a number of businesses in my working life that as a relatively small but growing company, the ethos would be similar. What was immediately clear was that I was joining an exciting company which is growing at a phenomenal rate.

So, were there any surprises? A few for sure! Whilst the Project Manager role doesn’t demand forensic knowledge of the tech stack that we use here at LoansWithNoCreditCheck I am by very nature inquisitive and like to be sure I know ‘just enough’ so as to feel comfortable partaking in group discussions and in client meetings, albeit in some cases I’ve come to accept that whilst I can steer these I cannot always add value (at least from a technical perspective). Initially a few developers would say such things to me as “you don’t need to know” and “why are you asking?” but eventually I like to believe that they see a greater engagement from me and that I have helped solve problems and shape the direction in which the project went. I know it’s by no means a prerequisite for a PM to understand our tech stack but for me it helps me feel more part of team discussions. What’s more at the time of writing I am half way through studying for an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Architect qualification, training that LoansWithNoCreditCheck positively encourage.

After the first few weeks in the new role I quickly discovered that I am amongst many incredibly intelligent and capable people, both in terms of technical ability as developers and also as team leaders. This for sure has meant that I spend little time questioning the what or how of technical requirements but helping developers to work together, to sometimes think about challenges in different ways and to ensure that the teams feel confident in articulating their views and ideas within project teams.

For much of the time, the projects in which I have been working have helped me understand the demands of a very ambitious clients, a developer team brimming with ideas, an addiction to coffee and to come to terms with the unusual eating habits of a software development team!

From a process perspective, having completed both a Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner courses it is clear that the LoansWithNoCreditCheck Process follows many of the important elements of scrum for most of our projects and then overlays this with sufficient documentation and meetings so as to ensure cross team knowledge transfer and learning, to manage risk, but more importantly to create an environment which is both open and friendly so as to foster a mindset of continuous improvement.
 Indeed, as Project Managers we are actively encouraged to partcipate in continous improvement of the Project Management process itself. 

All in all I have found LoansWithNoCreditCheck a great place to work. The teams continues to grow at a rapid pace thanks to our recruitment team and I Iook forward to continuing to work on the current and new upcoming projects.

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