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This Week In #Agile 03/11/2017

Posted by Sarah Nevett on 03/11/17 08:45

Hello again from LoansWithNoCreditCheck and our Project Management Team. Welcome to this, our fifty-eighth edition of “This Week in #Agile”. Please feel free to peruse some of the articles that we’ve enjoyed reading over the past week.

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"Scope creep" is a frequent source of friction between technical teams and stakeholders, and can lead to a toxic environment without a balance between requests and changes. But what what we know as "scope creep" is actually the main reason agile software development first came into existence.

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...creating an effective roadmap is not easy, particularly in an agile context where changes occur frequently and unexpectedly. This post shares ten practical tips...

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Bob’s short article offers his opinion that even more organisations could benefit from an Agile approach if they implemented one step prior to working with Agile, this being an assessment of their current organisational culture and the likelihood of this culture being supportive of an Agile approach.  

Going further, he also highlights some very pertinent questions that organisations should be asking of themselves, prior to the adoption of Agile.

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A great article from Pablo in which he describes elements of Scrum that no team should exclude if they are to obtain the benefits of truly operating using the agile methodology.

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This talk explains on how as Agile coaches we can coach in technical areas where technology may have moved on, thus challenging the perceived coaching approaches to helping teams become self-organising. It also shows how you can  you vertically story slice microservices. Includes cute comedy sketches of annoying coaches.

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This article looks at resourcing and adding new members to the team. Team synergy is not instantaneous and the four key areas; Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing are explained.

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Last time I talked about the Ghana Police Service (GPS) I was talking about Professional Organisational Change and the approach the Inspector General of Police (IGP) is taking; using Scrum to incrementally make changes to the organisation. While Nana Abban and the IGP have been focusing on the big picture, I have been in Ghana to start the grass roots adoption of Scrum with two Professional Scrum Foundations (PSF) classes, the first ever run in Ghana.

Here at LoansWithNoCreditCheck we love catching up with people's opinions and articles, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have something to share. You can contact us via email on [email protected] or on twitter


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