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This week in #Agile 04/08/2017

Posted by James Furness on 04/08/17 09:05

Hello again from LoansWithNoCreditCheck and our Project Management Team. This is our forty-fifth edition of “This Week in #Agile”, please feel free to peruse some of the articles we’ve enjoyed reading over the past 7 days.

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While a key concept of Agile is about adapting to change, when it comes to the Scrum ceremonies it makes sense for these to be pre-allocated slots that occur at the same time / day. This requires less management and introduces a rhythm to workflow.

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The Sprint Goal is an important part of Scrum, it is an objective that unites team members so they have focus and know what they are working towards. In this article Ilia runs through why the Sprint Goal plays such a key aspect within each sprint.

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This article contains a fantastic graphic explaining what acceptance criteria is along with the  advantages and some examples. Acceptance criteria contains 3 key parts, these are; Input, Process and Outcome.

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To be a good Scrum Master you must find the balance between giving advice and solving problems. Within this article Mike describes and offers some advice on how to overcome common mistakes Scrum Masters make.

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The pop-culture concept of a silver bullet – a simple solution to a hard problem – is a dangerous idea.  It can be used to over-promise, and doom a team to under-delivery.  When an executive, too far removed from what makes creating products hard thinks of “Agile” as a silver bullet it becomes difficult to manage expectations.

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If some consider Scrum as an Agile project management framework, many people consider that it is more a product management approach. Anyway, Scrum is about understanding the need of the customers to deliver value. In this context, the concept of “personas” can be used to support user-centered design throughout a product development cycle by focusing on the characteristics of key user segments.

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Earlier this year I have had the privilege to interview with more than ten companies. I found people very willing to discuss their approach to Agile, what they were proud of and where they were struggling. I am very happy I started a position at a great company but I will miss my encounters with various species of Agile in the wild. I learned a lot. My journey confirmed every company has their own culture and their own version of Scrum. More interesting are common challenges. Some expected and some surprising. One persistent theme was silos.

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The sprint backlog is a simple list of the tasks that must executed by the team in order to deliver an increment of functional software at the end of that sprint. Sprint backlog creation happens in the second part of the sprint planning meeting with the participation of every team member. Giving some real attention to this process is fundamental to a better understanding by the team about what should be done and to better planning during the sprint. Despite this, many teams still struggle with this activity. I hope these tips will help.

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