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This Week in #Agile - 22/11/16

Posted by Darren Halket on 22/11/16 14:06

A big hello from LoansWithNoCreditCheck and our Project Management Team. Another week in the agile world and the tenth edition of “This Week in #Agile”. Our PM team has continued scouring the web and reading through your blogs and articles. Here are handful of those articles that we found to be most interesting and that we would like to share with you today, along with our brief thoughts on them.

 article on “"

Russ's article examines the differences between team characteristics and team output (and why they are different), what Senior Executives require from Agile, the changing roles of Agile Managers, how Agile works differently across different Organisational types (and why) and much more..

" by A short but useful article with practical tips from Mike discussing the merits of estimating in relative size and bucketing backlog items by story size.

” by 

Alex elaborates on how, and why, we remember a colleague’s shortfall or the times that they let us down. This article also highlights research that indicates a natural mistrust of working with outsiders.

 article on “

If the retrospective is one of the main improvement tools for Agile teams, they can also be the subjects of improvement. In this article, Tom Monico explains how his team has adopted the starfish model to create a better retrospectives process where feedback is produced in real-time and not only at the end of a Scrum sprint.

 article on “

A principle that can be promoted by any Project Manager to improve the velocity of a team. Rather than allow developers to soldier on for hours on issues that someone could help resolve in minutes, simply timebox them.

If you write a blog or read an article you would like to be included feel free to contact me either via email - [email protected]
 -  or Twitter -  - and we can try and include it in a future edition! 

This weeks image is a simple word cloud representing commonly used terminology in agile. In the coming weeks we'll continue to cover many articles including such terminology.  Thanks for reading folks and see you next week!

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