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This week in #Agile 30/06/2017

Posted by James Furness on 30/06/17 08:33

Hello again from LoansWithNoCreditCheck and our Project Management Team. This is our fortieth edition of “This Week in #Agile”, and this week we look at interesting articles that have caught our collective eye over the past 7 days.

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Aligning how and when a project will be delivered can seem like you are juggling several balls at once. Having a plan which is progressively elaborate is definitely a good start and  Wafi goes into a great summary of Scheduling Methods as defined by the PMP.

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Agile has clearly made a significant impact on the software development industry, changing the way millions of people work to a more flexible, engaging and adaptive approach, delivering products that better meet the changing needs of the market. Agile thrives in under complexity and uncertainty – elements intrinsically inherent in business. So can Agile be used for implementing a business strategy?

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A lot of people talk about culture change in organisations. “We want our place to have an innovation culture!”. “Our leaders keep telling us about culture change initiatives”. “The problem with that company is its culture”. “How do we copy Google’s culture?”. You hear these phrases all the time. People write books, go to conferences, and pour out hundreds of articles and blog posts about culture. And I believe a lot of it is nonsense.

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Ah, the daily scrum, so often misused as an instrument of status. Often the way the daily scrum is conducted lends itself to a report of status. The team answers 3 questions in a round robin fashion.

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I am now coming up to my first year here at LoansWithNoCreditCheck in my current role as a Project Manager and I thought it timely to share my experience working here.

The Daily Scrum

The daily scrum is one of the more misunderstood ceremonies. It often becomes a status meeting reporting to the scrum master. Stephanie Ockerman disagrees in  . Trust the Dutch to say the same in a funny way (and not just because of our funny accent) in If you prefer Australian accent watch a real standup in

Here at LoansWithNoCreditCheck we love catching up with people's opinions and articles, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have something to share. You can contact us via email on [email protected] or on twitter

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