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Stream data changes everything

Meet Confluent, founded by the creators of Apache Kafka™. Our streaming platform enables digital business to run in real time.


Confluent Platform

Imagine streaming data made easy


Confluent Platform is the complete streaming platform for large-scale distributed environments. Unlike a traditional messaging system or stream processing framework, the Confluent Platform enables all of your interfaces to the world to be connected to and make decisions with all of your internal systems in real time.

Confluent Products

  •  -Get up and running with the full Confluent Platform quickly on a single server or a massive cluster.
  •  - Confluent Enterprise is the Confluent distribution of Apache KafkaTM and is “Apache Kafka for the enterprise,” containing all of Kafka’s capabilities and enhancing it with integrated, tested and packaged features that make architecting and managing large scale streaming pipelines easier and more reliable. An Enterprise subscription also includes support at a service level agreement suitable for your needs.



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