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IBM Big Data & Analytics - Cognitive business puts data and insight to work

As part of a Cognitive strategy, organizations can transform their industry and professions with data. IBM Analytics enables anyone to engage with data to answer the toughest business questions, uncover patterns and pursue breakthrough ideas.

  • - IBM’s Industry Analytics Solutions deliver transformative insights to the business decision-maker. These are a new type of solution – one that is pre-built for very specific industry use cases. Utilizing our expertise, we have pre-built predictive analytics, data preparation and user dashboards. Clients can get started and go faster, using few resources, by using our pre-built expertise.
  • - Turn faster insight into faster action with unmatched analytics capabilities on a foundation of data you can trust. Adapt easily to today's hybrid data--structured and unstructured, at rest and in motion, on premises, on cloud and in mixed environments. Energize your business with rapid innovation enabled by an open platform built on Spark.

  • - Leading companies are disrupting the status quo by using data to inform business strategy and create new business models that fuel growth. IBM brings significant industry, domain and implementation expertise to help everyone across the enterprise forge a path to proficiency with analytics. We engage to understand the toughest business challenges and apply proven solutions to shorten the distance between data and insight.
  • - Watson Analytics offers you the benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity. A smart data discovery service available on the cloud, it guides data exploration, automates predictive analytics and enables effortless dashboard and infographic creation. You can get answers and new insights to make confident decisions in minutes—all on your own.

IBM Products

  •  - Analytics made easy Predictive analytics and data visualization built for you. Analyze your data in minutes on your own without downloading software.
  •  - The start of something big in data and design

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