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The world needs a new way of building software applications

We believe the future of application development will embrace profound changes in expectation driven by experiences in our daily lives. Our phones are smart, our cars are getting smarter, and our applications are connecting us with people all over the world. Our appetite for immediacy is never satisfied. We expect to be connected continuously. We expect our applications to deliver whatever we need—instantly.

These expectations are fueling a new class of Reactive application that is:

  • Responsive — rich and engaging, providing instant feedback based on user interactions.
  • Resilient — recovering and repairing itself automatically for seamless business continuity.
  • Elastic — on-demand, across cores, nodes, and clusters; scaling predictably and elastically.
  • Message Driven — processing messages in parallel, asynchronously, without blocking.

More and more, companies across industries and around the globe are embracing the business imperative of going Reactive, and they are turning to Lightbend for help.

Lightbend is delivering the world’s leading Reactive platform

Lightbend is dedicated to helping developers build Reactive applications on the JVM. With the Lightbend Reactive Platform, including Play Framework, Akka, and Scala, developers can deliver highly responsive user experiences backed by a resilient and message driven application stack that scales effortlessly on multicore and cloud computing architectures.

Dedicated to developers

To make going Reactive easier for developers, we created Lightbend Activator, a browser-based tool with reusable templates and in-context training to jump-start Reactive application development.

We also offer training and consulting services in conjunction with partners when developers are ready to dive deeper and commercial support and maintenance to mitigate risk when applications launch in production.

Committed to communities

The creators of the Scala programming language and Akka runtime believed that by joining forces they could provide developers around the world with a better way of building software applications. In 2011, Martin Odersky and Jonas Bonér teamed up to found Typesafe. Today, Lightbend is committed to many open source communities—actively contributing innovations, managing projects, and assisting members—as well as giving back to the communities in our own backyards.

Shaping an industry

Extending beyond our communities, Lightbend spearheaded the Reactive Manifesto to define a common vocabulary—both in terms of business values and technical concepts—to make it easier for developers, users, businesses, and vendors to discuss, collaborate, and innovate around this new class of applications.

Together, we’re bringing Reactive applications to the world.


  • Reactive Platform - A Unified Platform for Reactive Application Development.
  • ConductR - Handle Failures gracefully, scala elastically and embrace change in your Reactive system.
  • Monitoring - They know exactly what your Reactive System is doing. So should you.
  • Apache Spark - Ignite your Spark project with full lifecycle support, 24/7 production SLA and training and consulting from the experts.


  • Expert Support 
  • Training 
  • Consulting Services 

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