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Your hyperscale datacentre delivered today - Modern apps in containers made easy

Businesses need to manage unprecedented scale and speed of data across users, sensors, and endpoints. Mesosphere DCOS lets you easily build and run modern distributed apps, on resources pooled across an entire datacenter or cloud.

  • Container Orchestration  - Confidently run microservices at scale with a rock-solid platform powering today's production hyperscale datacenters.
  • Real-time Big Data - Easily install and manage big data frameworks like Kafka, Spark and Cassandra that power many of today's Internet of Things and Big Data stacks.

Works where you work

Install Mesosphere DCOS on any public cloud or in your own private datacenter—even a hybrid environment—whether virtualized or on bare metal. Create a consistent user experience and move your workloads with ease.

  • Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Open Stack, vmware, RedHat, CentOS, CoreOS, Ubuntu

Over 40 services made for the DCOS

DCOS enables single-command installation of services like Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, Jenkins, Kafka and MemSQL from the DCOS public repository.

A single form factor for operators

Easily deploy and run datacenter-scale distributed services with a single command. Pool multiple distributed services with business continuity, and unprecedented efficiency - in your datacenter or in the cloud.

Deploy apps quickly and reliably 

Empower your developers with simplified app deployment. Developers release better quality apps faster, and have flexibility to run what they want.

  • Docker & Containers - The Mesosphere DCOS uses modern Linux and Windows containers to deploy applications. Docker support is built in.
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment - Use your existing dev toolchain for simplified continuous integration and deployment.
  • Secure Deployment - The Mesosphere DCOS includes built-in Kerberos authentication, allowing you to experiment with new technologies with less risk.

Simple, powerful interfaces 

Install over 40 services with a single command, including Spark, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and Hadoop. Monitor everything via an intuitive web dashboard.

  • Powerful Command Line - The DCOS command line lets users install complex systems like HDFS with one four-word command.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard - The DCOS dashboard lets admins easily visualize datacenter utilization and troubleshoot problems.

Mesosphere Products

  •  - Available today for Amazon Web Services. No limits. No lock-in.
  •  - For organizations that want to use DCOS for mission-critical workloads.


  •   Want to find out how DCOS fits into your infrastructure? Need help getting started?
  • - When you're ready to move from running open source Mesos to running a fully supported Datacenter Operating System, we're here to help. 

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