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Real experts, real skills

Skills Matter was founded in 2003, when we made it our mission to help drive innovation in software engineering by bringing smart and creative developers together to learn and share new skills, discover emerging technologies and evolve practices and ideas.

With an unwavering can-do attitude and inherent belief in the brain power and creativity of our community, Skills Matter has grown from humble origins to 60,000 members strong in just over a decade.

Check out their  of thousands of talks held at Skills Matter, or jump straight to their upcoming , , and in the year ahead.


With 60,000+ passionate, experienced and highly engaged members, they are Europe's largest community of software engineers regularly coming together! Together, they have built a thriving ecosystem, learning and sharing high quality skills and content on cutting edge topics at 1,000+ talks, technology conferences, meetups, hackathons and workshops every year.

Their members are software craftsmen and women who share a passion for tackling complex engineering challenges. Their great depth and mix of experience, combined with a strong commitment to share this with others, has helped shape our industry today.


Skills Matter's new venue is the UK's largest venue dedicated solely to technology events.
A buzzing hive of activity, CodeNode provides 23,000 sq ft of community meet-up, conference, training and collaboration space with unrivalled technology capabilities and great transport links in the heart of Tech City and the financial district.

They are open to members every day and CodeNode is the go-to place to meet, collaborate, work, hack and play with the UK's coolest tech companies and incredible developers.


All are created for and by our community. Together, we have built a thriving ecosystem, learning and sharing skills and high quality content on cutting edge topics at over a thousand talks, technology conferences, meetups, hackathons and workshops every year.

Our inspire us with new ideas and knowledge on the up-and-coming trends in the technology sector, helping us curate the best content and organise the biggest . Our , and often feature leading thinkers in our industry and often the actual creators of the technologies covered.

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