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Scala Exchange 2015


Yet again, the Scala eXchange exceeded our expectations, both in terms of the quality of the talks but also the ever increasing numbers attending! Congratulations to Skills Matter for organising such a great conference! We fully expect Scala eXchange 2016 to exceed 1000 attendees and continue to be the UKs largest Scala Conference and one in which LoansWithNoCreditCheck will continue to support!

We took a film crew with us with a brief to capture the heart of the conference; I think you will enjoy what they captured!

Jan Machacek 

Jan’s talk will continue exploring the latest developments of the Muvr project. He will compare the code from last year’s Scala eXchange, explain what was planned, and how these plans had to change when faced with reality.

After a brief introduction to the nature of distributed systems, from distributed databases, through distributed state, to distributed computation, you will learn how to use Akka Cluster and Akka Persistence to implement such distributed systems. Once the data is safely stored in a journal, it is important to be able to perform deeper analysis. To do so, Jan will show you how to access the data in the journal in a distributed computation program running in . With the mechanics done, Jan will explain how to use (deep) neural networks that can be very easily trained to recognize patterns in the ingested data.

You will learn the advantages and traps of designing distributed domains, data and computation: systems that may become the next generation of financial systems, bringing elasticity, resilience and responsiveness. You will look in particular at systems that consume data from IoT / wearables, and that perform immediate and batch analyses.

Petr Zapletal 

In this talk you will discover various state-of-the-art open-source distributed streaming frameworks, their similarities and differences, implementation trade-offs, their intended use-cases, and how to choose between them. Petr will focus on the popular frameworks, including Spark Streaming, Storm, Samza and Flink. You will also explore theoretical introduction, common pitfalls, popular architectures, and much more. 

The demand for stream processing is increasing. Immense amounts of data has to be processed fast from a rapidly growing set of disparate data sources. This pushes the limits of traditional data processing infrastructures. These stream-based applications, include trading, social networks, the Internet of Things, and system monitoring, are becoming more and more important. A number of powerful, easy-to-use open source platforms have emerged to address this.

Petr's goal is to provide a comprehensive overview of modern streaming solutions and to help fellow developers with picking the best possible solution for their particular use-case. Join this talk if you are thinking about, implementing, or have already deployed a streaming solution.

Scala eXchange conference returns to Milan in December 2016. Hosted at the Business Design Centre once again, we look forward to another set of intensive 2 days of learning and sharing.

Get involved

Scala eXchange is crafted for and by the community and 2016 will be no exception! We are looking to gather your ideas on what #scalax 16 should look like. Which topics or themes would you like to featured? Which experts would you like to learn from? Which skills would you like to learn or share? We will have our first program committee meeting in May 2016 and your input will help us design our Call For Papers. Help us create the best conference yet, get involved and submit your thoughts .

See you all again in  and for those of you that can not wait, we will see you at  NYC in May and Berlin in June!