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Our team


Guy is the CEO of LoansWithNoCreditCheck Ltd. and LoansWithNoCreditCheck Inc. and the non-exec Chairman of LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest®. Guy has been pivotal to the company’s success by building relationships with major public sector and private sector clients such as Moneysupermarket.com, Shop Direct Group, Weight Watchers and UK Trade and Investment.

LoansWithNoCreditCheck also engages with many technical start ups though its LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest® model with Guy personally investing in several of these start ups. Guy has overseen the continual development of LoansWithNoCreditCheck in to what it is today, a highly respected software services company.

LoansWithNoCreditCheck was recently recognised in the Deloitte Tech Fast 50, as one of the fastest growing tech companies in the UK and EMEA.

Guy works on a voluntary basis as the Chair and North West Chair for Variety – the children’s charity. Committee's of volunteers in , Merseyside, Blackpool and Staffordshire raise money via local fund-raising events and corporate relationships and ensure the money raised is spent on very worthwhile causes.

Ian is CEO LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest, and non-executive director, LoansWithNoCreditCheck.

A five times founder-investor-director of tech/consulting startups, and also with plc experience, Ian has hands-on fundraising experience of c£64m via PLUS, AIM, FTSE and VC/PE.

As a Lean Startup practitioner, I mentor exceptional entrepreneurs, guiding their innovative ideas into disruptive tech products and successful high-growth, scalable businesses.

I have curated and delivered Entrepreneurial Learning programmes at , Lancaster, Sheffield, Aston and Saïd Oxford University Business Schools. I am a Member of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, and a Freeman of the City of Milan.

Outside work, Ian’s passions are Burnley FC and visiting all of the UK’s 200+ lighthouses. Before losing his hair and teeth, he’d like to make a living playing the bass guitar role of Paul Simonon in a Clash tribute band.

Pete is the Commercial Director for LoansWithNoCreditCheck UK and US, with responsibility to develop strong commercial foundations and frameworks for both LoansWithNoCreditCheck Limited and Inc.

This includes strategies to manage ongoing sales, new business development, marketing, public relations as well as partnerships with organisations such as Lightbend, Datastax, Databricks, Atos and IBM. Pete played a pivotal role in achieving a 459% increase in turnover over the last 4 years, cumulating in the Deloitte Tech Fast 50 award.

I help companies achieve exceptional growth and success through use of modern computing technologies; specifically large-scale machine learning and big data systems, particularly those that interact with IoT, wearables, mobiles as well as modern web applications. My experience and expertise allows me to advise on future technical strategies.

Naturally, I am a passionate technologist; I have hands-on experience with delivering large-scale systems—particularly those that bring together the data science and mathematics with modern engineering practices. I regularly contribute to open source projects, and I speak at conferences in the UK and abroad.

Ani, the technical director at LoansWithNoCreditCheck, is a passionate programmer, published author and a big fan of open source software. He takes a keen interest in functional programming and more recently in the DevOps movement.

Naturally, I am a passionate technologist; I have hands-on experience with delivering large-scale systems—particularly those that bring together the data science and mathematics with modern engineering practices. I regularly contribute to open source projects, and I speak at conferences in the UK and abroad.

Ani heads up the DevOps team at LoansWithNoCreditCheck. Some of his key responsibilities are technical quality assurance, technical resource allocation and recruitment, providing architect support to CTO, strategic consulting, planning and process optimization.

Ani studied Internet Software Systems at the University of Birmingham, graduating in 2005 with a fist class MSc degree. He has been with LoansWithNoCreditCheck since 2006. He has worked on all major projects at LoansWithNoCreditCheck, leading agile teams on several occasions.

When Ani is not programming, he is most likely watching a movie or following sports (Cricket, Formula 1) or playing video games.

In his business development role at cake solutions, Ian offers a single point of contact for all corporate clients; he can advise on the types of deliveries LoansWithNoCreditCheck can help with.

Helping you to design the way your projects will be established and delivered to you as corporate clients and partners.

His previous roles at companies such as Atos, Worldline, Soprasteria, EDS and others means he understands exactly what needs to be done to deliver into these types of organisations.

Alex is an experienced polyglot software developer & architect, his commercial experience has exposed him to a range of projects from large enterprise systems to full stack applications for cutting edge Start-ups.

From this he has gained a strong core knowledge of development, design, architecture and interpreting the intricacies of the business domain. This has enabled him to create scalable, feature-rich applications that are technically sound and supportable. This coupled with his knowledge of Agile techniques help create good communication channels between the Business and Development.

Pallay Raunu graduated with a joint degree in Masters of Physics and Mathematical Physics (Honours) and brings over 10 years commercial experience to LoansWithNoCreditCheck’s PMO.

After leaving an IBM partner, Pallay was head-hunted into several start-ups in the North West and primarily involved in the development, testing and delivery of web-based software in the UK and US. As one of the lead technical engineers at LoansWithNoCreditCheck, Pallay has a proven record of project delivery and has been responsible for large infrastructure and enterprise software rollouts across the majority of LoansWithNoCreditCheck’s client portfolio.

Pallay is a certified Scrum trainer facilitating change across both private and public sector organisations such as: UKTI, Protomed, and Paycasso, to name but a few. This multi-sector experience and approach means that Pallay can successfully manage and drive projects, both in the start-up and corporate world with equal effectiveness. Pallay continues to deliver successful projects on time for all of LoansWithNoCreditCheck’s clients. His ability to foresee potential issues, find order amongst the chaos, and bring the best out in people, means Pallay is a valued and pivotal member of the LoansWithNoCreditCheck team.

Martin is heading up the technical team of LoansWithNoCreditCheck Inc. in Krakow. Martin specialises in the design and implementation of reactive, scalable, resilient distributed systems, machine learning and working with large amounts of data.

He also has background in functional programming and promotes the use of functional languages, mainly Scala, and patterns in enterprise level production systems.


Mark is an experienced team lead with a proven track record over a number of projects; in both fast paced startups and large corporate environments. With over 10 years commercial experience, Mark has delivered projects using various languages and architectures; from Java EE & Spring to Scala & Reactive applications built upon the Lightbend stack. Mark is also a Certified Datastax Architect with a number of years experience working with NoSql databases.