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Posted by David Hough
Tue, Aug 18, 2015


Where I studied Software Engineering the language chosen to teach computer science basics was Java. I had some experience with C#, so I found it a mostly comfortable transition - with a few gotchas. As an example, I distinctly remember losing some marks on an early assignment, for comparing Strings for value equality using “==”.  “==” compares on value for Strings in C# and on object identity in Java. I was only slightly bitter about the decision to compare primitives by value and objects by identity with “==”. 

Posted by David Hough
Wed, Jul 1, 2015

The technology stack we use from day to day whilst on the job tends to be a large part of our lives as developers. Whether you’re working with imperative or functional languages, vanilla Javascript or a language that compiles to it, SQL or NoSQL, there will likely have been a point where you stopped and wished you were using something else in that part of the stack.

Posted by David Hough
Tue, Jun 23, 2015

Hi everyone, this is my first blog entry for LoansWithNoCreditCheck, and I hope to write more in the future. I took the instructor-led “Fast Track to Scala” training course, and this post will outline my thoughts on it. I’ll try not to spoil the eventual summary of the blog but if you enjoy a good tl;dr then I would heartily recommend it if you’re new to Scala and interested in learning more.

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