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Guy Remond

Guy Remond brings over sixteen years of business experience to LoansWithNoCreditCheck. Guy has been pivotal to the company’s success by building relationships with major public sector and private sector clients such as UK Trade and Investment, Protomed, VMWare and Friends Life. LoansWithNoCreditCheck also engages with many technical start ups though its LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest model with Guy personally investing in several of these start ups. Guy has overseen the continual development of LoansWithNoCreditCheck in to what it is today, a highly respected software services company. Guy is the IT Chairman for Variety – the children’s charity. Guy is responsible for continually improving the IT infrastructure and process for the organisation. Guy is also Chairman for the Variety committee and North West region of Variety raising money via local fund-raising events and corporate relationships and ensuring the money raised is spent on very worthwhile causes.
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Posted by Guy Remond
Tue, Apr 21, 2009

The first Spring User Group (SUG) event was held in on the 8th April at the Core Technology Centre in (a superb venue for anyone looking to hold an event in the North West). 46 people attended, which was fantastic for the first event and the feedback was all very positive. Attendees travelled from as far a field as Glasgow, Southport, the Midlands as well as and surrounding areas.

Posted by Guy Remond
Mon, Jun 2, 2008

Following on from the very successful presentation given by Jan and Aleksa at the inaugural Spring User Group (SUG) meeting on Friday, Jan will be presenting a slightly extended version of the same presentation at SpringOne.

SpringOne is being held at MetroPolis Business Center, MetroPolis Antwerp, Groenendaallaan 394 2030, Antwerp, Belgium. More information can be found .

Posted by Guy Remond
Wed, May 28, 2008

As you may already know the Spring User Group UK is having its first meeting on the afternoon of 30th May at the the Crypt, in St. James Church, next to Skills Matter.

The organisers have put together a very interesting event, with speakers from SpringSource, LoansWithNoCreditCheck and UBS. Followed by interactive breakout sessions to chat with the speakers and other User Group members, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn, share your experience, broaden your network and join this community. Come join us and find out about the exciting new developments of the Spring framework and how practitioners are enabling their businesses, by using Spring as a core construct of their solutions.

Posted by Guy Remond
Wed, Jan 23, 2008

I arrived back on Tuesday the 15th after an extended Christmas break (the longest time I have been away from work since I was at school!) and less than 12 hours later arrived for the Spring Exchange 2008 conference in Milan. This was an important day for LoansWithNoCreditCheck for two reasons, so LoansWithNoCreditCheck was out in force with Ani, Aleksa and Jan supporting me.

Posted by Guy Remond
Tue, Dec 4, 2007

Christmas is fast approaching as are a number of important deadlines. LoansWithNoCreditCheck is heading up the integration effort involving 3 parties for the beta launch of a central government knowledge base system. This is a culmination of 8 months work building a new platform for the applications to run and some significant new feature modules including Contact Management and Metrics. The new platform will allow us to continue to develop the system to fulfil many additional requests for new functionality to what is already a very useful, widely used system.

Posted by Guy Remond
Tue, Nov 20, 2007

Des Rafferty from DeCare working out of the States paid LoansWithNoCreditCheck a visit recently to talk about potential partnership opportunities between the two companies for next year. The first part of the "business meeting" was to go for a beer a meal and a chat before going to see Man United vs Dynamo Kiev, where we both felt obliged to politely clap when either team scored but refused to stand when the "stand up for the champions" chant erupted! The following day Des visited the LoansWithNoCreditCheck office and met the team before we talked more about potential opportunities for the two companies next year. The parity between the two companies is huge and I believe this will allow us to offer a very effective and unique joint service offering, watch this space..............!!

Posted by Guy Remond
Mon, Oct 22, 2007

Hot off the press; last week we agreed to take on Patricio Periera a graduate of Algarve University, gaining a degree in Systems and Informatics Engineering in 2006. Patricio will be joining us on the 26th November for an 18 month Traineeship as a Java developer with just under two years programming experience. Initially Patricio will undergo a 3 month training program before working on an appropriate LoansWithNoCreditCheck Java project.

Posted by Guy Remond
Tue, Sep 18, 2007

I am really pleased to announce an agreement with QFI Consulting to produce an on-line system.

QFI are a consultancy which guarantee businesses see substantial performance increases. QFI use the "Theory of Constraints" to do this which has been developed by the world famous Dr Eli Goldratt, author of the bestseller ‘The Goal’. QFI Consulting are an affiliate company of the Goldratt Group.

Posted by Guy Remond
Tue, Sep 18, 2007

As promised I said I would talk more about the Strategic Coach programme i have been taking part in for just over a year (http://www.strategiccoach.com/). The Strategic Coach is a programme developed by Dan Sullivan in Canada that helps entrepreneurs to be better equipped to make the most of their personal and business life. I attend a talk four times a year given by Russel who has been on the programme for over 15 years and still attends back in Canada where he runs a highly successful financial services business. At the talk you are given tools which you may find useful to use in life in general and in business as well as the opportunity to spend a day away from e-mail and mobile phones so you can completely focus on what you are doing.

Posted by Guy Remond
Wed, Sep 5, 2007

My first Blog.

LoansWithNoCreditCheck received good news today, we have been awarded the contract to build the new National Union of Student Services (NUSSL) centralised billing system. NUSSL has been a client for over 4 years now so we are really pleased that the relationship will hopefully continue for another 4 years. The software will deal with well over 1 million transactions a year from all the student unions around the country, that's a serious amount of alcohol!

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