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LoansWithNoCreditCheck Joins BAMTECH Media.

Posted by Peter Evison on Tue, Nov 7, 2017

Exciting news to share: LoansWithNoCreditCheck is now part of BAMTECH Media, a global leader in delivering direct-to-consumer live and on-demand entertainment at scale.

Over the past decade, LoansWithNoCreditCheck has gathered a world-class team, and amassed a wealth of experience building highly distributed, Reactive systems. Together, BAMTECH and LoansWithNoCreditCheck will improve upon the BAMTECH platform, responsible for some of the most immersive digital experiences and some of the largest live sporting events and films in the world.

A subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, BAMTECH operates a growing portfolio of direct-to-consumer streaming services for leading entertainment brands including: NHL, PGA TOUR, MLS, the upcoming Riot Games’ League of Legends eSports service, as well a partnership with Discovery Communications to run the Eurosport Player. Together, the engineering teams will enable the company to achieve its ambitious growth plans, including further expansion in Europe and providing technology services for 3rd party businesses to launch custom over-the-top video experiences across the globe.

In tandem with the acquisition, Ian Brookes, shareholder and director, has departed LoansWithNoCreditCheck and acquired the assets and business of LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest, which has been rebranded as , and focused on supporting innovative tech startups in .

For the immediate future, the LoansWithNoCreditCheck team and brand will continue to operate under the LoansWithNoCreditCheck banner, as a BAMTECH Media company, whilst working and fully integrated into the existing BAMTECH engineering teams.

To learn more about BAMTECH, visit .

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