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This week in #DevOps (03/03/2015)

Posted by Laura Bria on Thu, Mar 5, 2015

Welcome to the 12th edition of #ThisWeekInDevOps ! 

This blog aims to keep you up to date with the latest news from the world of DevOps.

New releases

  • | The release includes updates to provide API support for key rotation, policy file updates, and LDAP-related fixes to user update.

  • | The release adds OpenBSD Package provider, case insensitive URI Handling, multi-package support and more.

  • Docker are available for download:

    • enables spinning up multi-container applications through a single configuration file.

    • the native clustering tool for Docker

    • creates Docker Engines on your computer, on cloud providers, and/or in your data center, and then configures the Docker client to securely talk to them.

New Content

  • In this post gives an example of launching a “Datastax Cassandra cluster on a Mesos cluster as a Marathon long running job using Docker containers”.

  • is a useful article for security audit purposes by on how to test AWS Managed Policies by using the Identity and Access Management Policy Simulator.

  • continues the Top 10 AWS Security Best Practices series with a on reducing the number of IAM users with admin rights.

  • Prateek Sharma posted a on reducing an application’s Recovery Time Objective by using Azure Traffic Manager  with Azure Site Recovery.

  • Chris Sanders explains how to create reports of your , in an automated manner.

  • talks about successfully Docker, Apache Aurora and Apache Mesos in production.

  • wrote a on how to set up a Crate Distributed Database with Mesos, Marathon, Weave and Mesos DNS on Google Compute Engine.

  • blogged about managing VMware vSphere guests with the Ansible Tower. In the he also gives a quick demo for provisioning a new VM and then deleting it.

  • is a guide on setting up Puppet Server on CentOS 7.0, by Krishna Prajapati.

  • Check out this from , covering a simple example of using powerstrip-flocker (pre-alpha version) for migrating data volumes between hosts in a Docker cluster.

  • Check out the of a blog series on Continuous Delivery with Docker on Mesos in less than 1 minute, by .

  • shared some useful on the Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment concepts.

  • identifies the and proposes possible solutions.

  • Bartlomiej Siniarski explains we can configure Logstash to forward the logs it collects to a Logentries account for further analysis.

  • is some information on the FREAK attack, a new SSL/TLS vulnerability discovered by at INRIA in Paris and the .

  • posted a on launching a cluster on AWS and create a distributed Magento deployment using Docker containers. In another post on Rancher, announces the for pulling and viewing Docker logs in Rancher.  

  • Check out ‘s comprehensive for automating a multi-tiered application securely on AWS with Docker and Terraform.

  • post covers the options available for backing up an AWS Cloud Based PostgreSQL Database.

  • According to ” between AWS and Google, given the different approaches they took on the Xen related reboots.

  •  gives an  of Ansible and provides a few useful links for further documentation on this topic.

DevOps as a Service

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That is all for this edition of #ThisWeekInDevOps. You can get in touch with me directly via email or on (@LauraGlasu) with any DevOps news or content.

Also if you are interested in the latest Scala news you can check Petr's blog post: This week in #Scala (02/03/2015).


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