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This week in #DevOps (06/01/2015)

Posted by Laura Bria on Thu, Jan 8, 2015

Welcome to the fourth edition of #ThisWeekInDevOps ! 

This blog aims to keep you up to date with the latest news from the world of DevOps.


I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and I’d like to start this post by wishing you all a Highly Automated New Year!

New Releases

  • is out and includes the following features and improvements: task state reconciliation, support for mesos modules, source and reason included in the task status, shared filesystem isolator and pid namespace isolator.
  • Travis CI Enterprise was launched. This is the self-hosted version of Travis CI that customers can run in their own datacenters. Mathias Meyer gives more about the features of this version and the pricing involved.
  • A first was announced, promising improvements to the whole core of etcd. To experiment before the official release just check out the on github that provides instructions for containers, Linux and OS X.

New Content

  • Bob van den Heuvel writes about , sharing some lessons learned on the topic.
  • Travis CI announced , available for private and open source repositories, which should allow for faster builds. At the moment sudo is not available on the containers but there are plans to address this limitation in the future.
  • Jeff Barr explains how managing AWS resources got easier with the possibility of .
  • Recently AWS announced their CodeDeploy tool. Here is a piece by Rob Brigham covering the steps required to . Also if you use Jenkins, you might be interested in the which allows you to use CodeDeploy as a post-build action.
  • If you are curious about HashiCorp’s tool you should check out Justin Downing’s on how to use Terraform to build infrastructure on AWS and also this from Ilya Dmitrichenko on using Terraform for deploying a weave network across two cloud providers (Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform).
  • is now available, covering the most common use cases.
  • Gareth Rushgrove wrote in this year’s sysadvent about debugging with “pleasant” user interfaces using:  .
  • Jennifer Davis goes through  the concepts necessary for .
  • Barb Darrow presents the from AWS, Google, IBM and Microsoft competing for the attention of today’s startups. There are a few good deals in this article for individuals who are interested in taking specific courses from the big Cloud Providers.
  • Ted Timmons gives an example of .
  • Ben Whaley got some hands on experience with the EC2 Container Service from AWS and shared his thoughts .
  • Check out some interesting use cases for Docker in the at dockercon14|eu and in Simon Thulbourn’s talk on . You might also be curious about the strategies around the that executives from industry leaders IBM, Microsoft and VMware discussed at dockercon14|eu.


  • The is out, including updates and fixes for the Docker 1.4.1 release.


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  • Sharing, of code, documentation, techniques and tool-sets.

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That is all for this edition of #ThisWeekInDevOps. You can get in touch with me directly via email or on (@LauraGlasu) with any DevOps news or content.

Also if you are interested in the latest Scala news you can check Petr's blog post: This week in #Scala (05/01/2015).

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