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This week in #Scala (04/09/2017)

Posted by Petr Zapletal on Sun, Sep 3, 2017

Welcome to the new edition of #ThisWeekInScala!

This blog aims to keep you up to date with the latest news from the world of Scala and Reactive programming.

It has been a week since last time, so lets catch-up on the latest Scala & Reactive happenings...                            

New Content

  • Our very own Jan speaks about  
  • Justin sent us an featureing Scala.js, Clojurescript and many more
  • to (mostly) replace shapeless's Lazy
  • Gradient Descent with Free Monads, an by Kirill
  • with Scala Native (Part 1)
  • : a new library for DAG rewriting: optimize your interpreters and compilers!
  • : a custom approach to API contracts
  • Probably the biggest event of the last week is not really Scala related but definitely super exciting. KSQL (Kafka + SQL) introduced:
    • Here's a great showing what you can do with KSQL
  • Deep learning summer school 2017 videos
  • effectively, evading automated detection, & score high on "usefulness" metrics
  • : analyzing Lenny's effectiveness

Updated Software

  • sbt 1.0.1 is to Maven Central! This is a hotfix on 1.0.0 addressing regressions and migration issues
  • Gatling 2.3.0 with Scala 2.12 support is
  • gatling-sbt now sbt 1.0
  • Lagom 1.3.8 is
  • Akka HTTP 10.0.10
  • Finch 0.16-M2 is
  • sbt-pgp 1.1.0 is cross for sbt 0.13 and 1.x featuring `skip in publish := true`
  • sttp 0.0.8: multpart uploads, fs2
Also if you are interested in the latest Devops news you can check Laura's blog post: This week in #DevOps (30/08/2017)

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