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This week in #Scala (15/06/2015)

Posted by Petr Zapletal on Mon, Jun 15, 2015

Welcome to new edition of #ThisWeekInScala!

It has been a week since last time, so lets catch-up on the latest Scala happenings.

New Content

  • As you may noticed,  conference was last week in Amsterdam and of course, we were there. I'll definitely come back to it later, but here is some cherry pick for this week: 
    • from my collegue Jan about our recently open-sourced  ML system
    • , another LoansWithNoCreditCheck's contribution, this time by Martin
    • , by Helena Edelson
    • , with on GitHub by Michael Nash
    •  (ENhanced Scala Interaction Mode for text Editors), by Rory Graves and Sam Halliday
    • by Mathias Doenitz
    • , by Jonas Bonér
    • , by Lutz Hühnken
    • , by Joe Kutner
    • by Noel Welsh
    • , by Denis Shabalin
    • Also Jan summed up his ideas in post Scala Days Amsterdam 2015
    • Very promising Reactive Monitoring for Akka tool was
  • Scala: The Industrial Parts, another great , this time from Scala Symposium, by Marius Eriksen
  • Baking a π can teach you a bit of Parametricity, great blog by Debasish Ghosh
  • Announcing SparkR: R on Spark, great by Shivaram Venkataraman
  • Apache Cassandra 2.2 – Bootstrapping performance improvements for Leveled Compaction, very interesting blog by Jake Luciani
  • Zen and the Art of Spark Maintenance, another very interesting Spark related by Russell Spitzer
  • Open Sourcing Pinot: Scaling the Wall of Real-Time Analytics, another interesting open-sourced, article by Kishore Gopalakrishna
  • Solving Machine Learning Problems at Netflix with Spark and GraphX, Netflix experience by Gary Donovan
  • Service-Disoriented Architecture, a blog by Tyler Treat
  • Type Class 101: Category and Monads, nice by Markus Klink
  • Another promising project open sourced - , Machine Learning Feature Engineering with   Feature Engineering at Scale With Spark by Eugene Zhulenev
  • Testing Play 2.4 controllers and their routes using Scala & Specs2, helpful by Henning Petersen
  • Java Micro Frameworks: The New Trend You Can’t Ignore, Java related but still interesting blog by Josh Dreyfuss 
  • Java Bytecode in Practice, another Java related, but interesting even for Scala devs by Rafael Winterhalter
  • Comparing Application Deployment: 2005 vs. 2015, a blog by James Ward
  • Apache Kafka: A Platform for Real-Time Data Streams – Part 1, great by Jay Kreps
  • If CAP was real-time: adding timing requirements to the definition of availability, comprehensive blog by Nicolas Liochon
  • An introduction to immutable infrastructure, a blog by Josha Stella
  • Also Scala Up North, the first Scala conference in Canada will be in Toronto, September 25 & 26. Registration and CFP now

Older Content

  • Statistical Machine Learning, excellent collection of by Ryan T
  • Scala and Apache Spark, nice by Iulian Dragos
  • Challenges to Adopting Stronger Consistency at Scale, intresting by Phillipe Ajoux, Nathan Bronson, Sanjeev Kumar, Wyatt Lloyd and Kaushik Veeraraghavan

Updated Software

  • ApacheSpark 1.4 ! SparkR, improved DataFrames, ML pipelines, and more!
  • shapeless-2.2.1 : now also for Scala 2.12.0-M1 as well as 2.11.x and 2.10.x for both the JVM and Scala.js
  • Akka-http-json now  playjson 2.4.0 and Akka HTTP 1.0-RC3
  • Eventuate 0.2
  • Scala Learning Slick 3.0 and Evolutions with Play Framework 2.4 is
  • eleased sbt 0.13.9-M1. shrinks cached resolution json by 30x
  • scalatra 2.4.0.RC2
  • gearpump 0.3.7 is  
  • picopickle 0.1.3

That’s all folks. You can get in touch with me directly via email or on (@petr_zapletal) with any Scala news or content. Tip: Tweet about your content using hashtag #Scala. 

In case you are looking for new challenges, pay attention, because LoansWithNoCreditCheck are hiring!

Also if you are interested in the latest Devops news you can check Laura's blog post: This week in #DevOps (09/06/2015)

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