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Posted by Peter Evison
Mon, Jun 27, 2016

Scala Days 2016 in Europe is over for another year, but what an incredible three days! One thousand people attended the conference in Berlin, which, as last time was a perfect host. As always LoansWithNoCreditCheck had a strong presence, in terms of talks (see below) and the LoansWithNoCreditCheck stand, supported by 12 members of the LoansWithNoCreditCheck team. Oh and we must not forget the great coffee our friends from Noble Espresso provided the attendees!

If you missed Scala Days then do not fear, we will be appearing at a number of other conferences in the UK, Europe and North America. We will be attending   for example, which was a great success last year; the feedback I received from our engineering team was fantastic!  We encourage you all to attend this year in September, details can be found . 

We are the main sponsor for the  in Austin (TX) which promises to bring together the world of reactive programming.

We will also be sponsoring the  in Milan in December which promises to be Europe's largest Scala Conference!

Posted by Peter Evison
Thu, Jun 2, 2016

Well as we wave goodbye to Scala Days NYC and prepare for its time for us to share our thoughts and look back at the event. What better way to do that than a short video documentary! I hope you enjoy…

Posted by Carl Pulley
Sat, Dec 20, 2014

Here we present a flexible and generic framework within which distributed applications, built upon a architecture, may be implemented and deployed.

We achieve this by deploying microservices to a cluster of machines (complete with for service discovery and for controlling services and specifying affinity rules).

Microservices are implemented using Akka actors that support clustering, Cassandra persistence and data sharding. Interaction with the microservices is mediated using a load balancer that round-robin connects (via circuit-breakers) to microservice REST endpoints.

Posted by Carl Pulley
Tue, Jun 24, 2014

Posted by Carl Pulley
Mon, Jun 16, 2014


In my previous post (Akka Clustering and Remoting: The Experiment), I defined a ping-pong application and deployed it into a local JVM cluster. In this post, I want to examine how we can scale this application into a vendor's cloud (e.g. Amazon or Rackspace).

However when pushing into the cloud, it is wise to remove any reliance upon a single cloud vendor. So, I'll also look at how that may be accomplished.

Posted by Carl Pulley
Mon, Jun 9, 2014


This blog post is based on some concepts that I was using a few years ago to build  hosting distributed Actor applications. We will build an example application and scale it into a cloud evironment.

In general, I'll be focused on using Amazon for our cloud deployment. However, I'll also consider what happens if our cloud vendor fails in some way. Whilst such events may be rare, they do . So when we scale our Akka application, I will consider how we can avoid reliance upon any single cloud vendor.

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