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What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is the world's leading provider of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). To describe them as providers of just 'cloud servers' would be an understatement as they have a diverse range of services including database, network, storage, message queuing, authentication and cloud servers to name a few.

Why do LoansWithNoCreditCheck use AWS?

In addition to the rich service offering, AWS also offer a comprehensive API and library support for various languages which enables LoansWithNoCreditCheck to fully and reliably automate and repeat the creation of our customers infrastructure and platform.

Gone are the days of server and data centre procurement, procrastination over the sizes of servers, commissioning and maintenance of hardware. We can now define the shape of our infrastructure in code, start it up using modest and low cost virtual servers (paid by the hour, this is all OPEX, no CAPEX sign off required) verify the solution and then turn it all off when not in use.   We can also effectively and easily modify the sizes of the virtual servers as required based on the performance metrics that are captured by the customers monitoring solution. Furthermore, it is possible to automatically scale up and down the number of server instances in order to cope with unexpected demand.


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