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The database for giant ideas

By offering the best of traditional databases as well as the flexibility, scale, and performance required by today’s applications, MongoDB lets innovators deploy apps as big as they can possibly dream. From startups to enterprises, for the modern and the mission-critical, MongoDB is the database for giant ideas.

The company behind the technology

MongoDB, Inc. is the company behind the database for giant ideas. We build MongoDB and the drivers, and sell software and services to make your life easier. They also run MongoDB University and sponsor the community, hosting MongoDB World and MongoDB Days all over the globe. With offices across North America, Europe, and Asia, they are close to where you do business.

Their Story

MongoDB was founded in 2007 by the people behind DoubleClick, ShopWiki and Gilt Groupe. At DoubleClick, the site could never be down and there were daily challenges with processing, storing, and scaling data, forcing them to write their own software to handle specific problems. It was in these trenches that the team had the insight for MongoDB. They asked themselves, “What do we wish we had while at DoubleClick?” The company was founded to harness the power of the cloud for more efficiency, to scale horizontally, and to make operations easier for scale at development. Today, MongoDB boasts more than 15 million downloads, thousands of customers, and more than 1,000 partners.

How LoansWithNoCreditCheck can help

LoansWithNoCreditCheck was an early adopter of MongoDB and has a proven track record in building entire applications with MongoDB as a data store. Our extensive DevOps expertise will ensure that your application and database is optimised for today’s modern cloud platforms.

  • Effective practices
  • Cassandra installation and configuration
  • Setting up and configuring a cluster with replication
  • Setting up and configuring a cluster with replication
  • development using MongoDB as a data storage
  • MongoDB consulting: analysing your business and migrating parts of your application schema to MongoDB to improve performance

In-house reaseach & development

Gain access to LoansWithNoCreditCheck's in-house expertise that lives in the bleeding edge of technology. We can help you through the maze of new technologies and tools and ensure you select the right tool for the task in hand.

We utilise open source software in our day-to-day development; it gives us access to very high quality code, allows us to make improvements if we need to, and provides access to excellent source of inspiration and talent. We give back to the open source community by contributing to the open source projects we use, and by publishing our own open source projects. The team have contributed to various templates, and shared their expertise with Akka and Scala in and . Outside of the , we have contributed to and . The team members have also created open source projects that scratch our own itch: we have , , and .

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