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A Week of Web Releases

Posted by Andrew Chalkley on Thu, Jun 5, 2008

It's been an exciting week on the web front with jQuery 1.2.6 and Ruby on Rails 2.1 being released, both providing feature enhancements and performance improvements.

Here is a brief run down:

  • Event Handling is 103% Faster
  • CSS Selectors are 13% faster
  • .offset() is 21% faster
  • .css() is 25% faster
  • Exposed Speeds
  • .toggle() can now accept more functions
  • You can now unbind bound .toggle() and .one() functions
  • .index() supports jQuery collections
  • jQuery.makeArray can convert ANYTHING to an array.
  • beforeSend can cancel Ajax calls
  • Exposed Speeds

Major New Features:

  • Time zones
  • Dirty tracking
  • Gem Dependencies
  • Named scope
  • UTC-based migrations
  • Better caching

Ryan Bates has produced some awesome screencasts on the above new features in rails. I highly recommend you check his out.

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