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This Week In #Agile July 27, 2018

This Week In #Agile July 20, 2018

This Week In #Agile July 13th, 2018

This Week In #Agile July 06, 2018

This Week In #Agile June 29, 2018

This Week In #Agile June 22, 2018

This Week In #Agile June 15, 2018

This Week In #Agile June 08, 2018

This week in #Agile 01/06/2018

Book Review: PMI-ACP® Exam Prep

This Week In #Agile May 25, 2018

This Week In #Agile May 18, 2018

Retrospectives Are Not Only For Teams

This Week In #Agile May 11, 2018

This Week In #Agile April 27, 2018

GetKanban Game Teaches More Than Kanban Alone

This Week In #Agile April 20, 2018

This Week In #Agile April 13, 2018

This Week In #Agile 6/4/2018

This Week In #Agile 30/3/2018

This Week In #Agile 75th edition - 23/3/2018

This Week In #Agile 16/3/2018

This Week In #Agile 9/3/2018

Distributed Relative Mass Estimating

This Week In #Agile 2/3/2018

This Week In #Agile 23/2/2018

This Week In #Agile 2/16/2018

This Week In #Agile 2/9/2018

Is your stand up working for you?

This Week In #Agile 2/2/2018

This Week In #Agile 26/1/2018

Review of “How to adapt Change Management to an Agile approach” by Reed Deshler 

This Week In #Agile 19/1/2018

This Week In #Agile 12/1/2018

Emotional Intelligence 

This Week In #Agile: 2017 Snapshot

This week in #Agile 05/01/2018

This Week In #Agile 15/12/2017


This Week In #Agile 8/12/2017

This Week In #Agile 1/12/2017

This Week In #Agile 17/11/2017

This Week In #Agile 10/11/2017

LoansWithNoCreditCheck Joins BAMTECH Media

This Week In #Agile 03/11/2017

This Week In #Agile 27/10/2017

Scala World 2017 | LoansWithNoCreditCheck Roundup

This Week In #Agile 20/10/2017

This Week in #Agile 13/10/2017

This Week In #Agile 06/10/2017

Retrospective By Dice Game

This Week in #Agile 29/09/2017

This Week in #Agile 22/09/2017

This Week in #Agile 15/09/2017

This Week in #Agile 08/09/2017

This Week in #Agile 01/09/2017

PM Tools - RealtimeBoard

Which Agile Blogs Should We Read?

This Week in #Agile 25/08/2017

Project Inceptions - What? - Why? - When?

This Week in #Agile 18/08/2017

I have a new project. How long will it take?

This Week in #Agile 11/08/2017

This week in #Agile 04/08/2017

Silos cramp your Agile style

This week in #Agile 28/07/2017

This week in #Agile 21/07/2017

This week in #Agile 14/07/2017

George Mallory's entrepreneurial mindset: because it's there

This week in #Agile 07/07/2017

A Product Owner needs to own!

This week in #Agile 30/06/2017

My first year as a Project Manager with LoansWithNoCreditCheck

This week in #Agile 23/06/2017


How penguins on a melting iceberg can inform a startup's change strategy

This week in #Agile 16/06/2017

Catalyst Leaders Listen

Scala Days 2017 Roundup

Why should anyone be led by you?

This Week In #Agile 09/06/2017

This Week In #Agile 02/06/2017

Be resilient: avoid the path of least resistance

Agile Certified Practitioner - Verify and Validate

This Week In #Agile 25/05/2017

VR Blog - Standby Productions Interview

Thinking about High Growth sat in a Temperance Bar in Rawtenstall

This Week In #Agile 19/05/2017

Lightbend Kicks Off Charity Survey: Who’s Doing What With Streaming, IoT and Fast Data

This Week In #Agile 12/05/2017

How to Program the Type System by Tamer AbdulRadi

This Week in #Agile 05/03/2017

The first four minutes: the growth mindset of entrepreneurs

This Week in #Agile 28/04/2017

Startups: tips on investor conversations

The Transition From a Military Environment to a Bleeding Edge Software Development Environment

This Week in #Agile 21/04/2017

Startups 1-2-3-4 Go!

How Virtual Reality is Changing the World

This Week in #Agile 13/04/2017

Why ?

Apply Pareto's Principle to move the needle of your startup

This Week In #Agile 07/04/2017

Startup metrics for customer traction

This Week In #Agile 31/03/2017

Lessons from sporting comebacks for business startups

This Week In #Agile 24/03/2017

Fail in originality rather than succeed in imitation.

This Week In #Agile - 17/03/2017

Recruitment in the concrete jungle!

Startup leadership lessons from the Charge of the Light Brigade

This Week in #Agile 10/03/17

The Weeping Angel is watching you: Google Chrome and the rise of big data

Crafting your startup value proposition

Harvey Nash Tech Night: The LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest Take Take

This Week in #Agile - 03/03/17

Curiosity, sheep and unknown unknowns

This Week in #Agile - 24/02/17

The probability of startup success

This Week in #Agile - 17/02/17

No Rest For Recruitment In The City That Never Sleeps

Lessons in entrepreneurship from the baristas of NYC

CIO - Call to Action

This week in #Agile - 10/02/2017

The LoansWithNoCreditCheck Process -  A New Insight

This Week in #Agile - 03/02/2017...

Give yourself more time to think

This Week in #Agile - 27/01/2017

Startup lessons from Garry Kasparov

Improve your focus and stop kidding yourself: you can't give 110%

This Week in #Agile - 13/01/2017

Runaway with the Circus: The Many Skills of a Project Manager

LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest: thoughts on tech startups development practices

This Week in #Agile - 6/1/17

Where are the opportunities for tech startups in 2017?

The entrepreneurial mindset of Roald Amundsen

Scala eXchange - 2016 Roundup

This Week in #Agile - 21/12/16

The twelve days of Christmas for a tech startup entrepreneur

Learning What We Don't Know

This Week in #Agile - 14/12/16

What an artisan pastry chef can teach tech entrepreneurs about innovation

This Week in #Agile - 6/12/16

This Week in #Agile - 29/11/16

This Week in #Agile - 22/11/16

Be a 10x entrepreneur like Alan Turing

An aborted landing, tiny taxis and lots of food…

The new tech startup landscape: the impact of Trump as POTUS

LoansWithNoCreditCheck - New Offices

Developing winning teams the Theo Epstein way

Entrepreneurial learning journey: equal parts flour, eggs, butter, sugar & perspiration

Reactive Summit 2016

Bomber Command Vs. Drone Warfare: The Role of the PO

This Week in #Agile - 24/10/16

How Amelia Earhart made her mark for female entrepreneurs

This Week in #Agile - 17/10/16

DC/OS: a PM’s Delivery and Business Benefit Perspective

Live Long and Prosper: Agile Team Structure

The Startup Factory: it's about human capital, not venture capital

This Week in #Agile - 10/10/16

Look to the RNLI for the reasons to have a purpose of your startup

This Week in #Agile - 03/10/16

John Coltrane: startups and all that jazz - This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest- 03/10/16

This Week in #Agile - 26/09/16

The power of two heads, two minds, two hearts: be a startup co-founder like the Brownlee brothers

This Week in #Agile - 19/09/16

Startup life: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (19/09/16)

This Week in #Agile - 12/09/16

Startup lessons from Reality TV: This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (12/09/2016)

This Week in #Agile - 05/09/16

This Week in #Agile - 29/08/16

Good entrepreneurial habits from the Lean Startup toolkit: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest(30/08/16)

This Week in #Agile - 22/08/16

Innovation lessons for startups from Olympian Dick Fosbury: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (22/08/16)

Project Manager as Decision Architect

As a startup, think 'win-win' as your negotiation strategy

Using storytelling to position your startup: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (08/08/16)

Startup collaborative teams - lessons from England '66: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (01/08/16)

The PM as the Conductor

Startup lessons from Chris Froome: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (25/07/16)

Entrepreneurial Learning Journey - My Moleskine: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (18/07/16)

The entrepreneurial mindset of Isaac Newton: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (11/07/16)

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Product Owners

Leading Millennials in your startup: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckinvest (04/07/16)

Scala Days - 2016 Roundup

Startup risks: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckinvest (27/06/16)

The role of the CFO in a startup: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckinvest (20/06/16)

The Menagerie of Product Owners

Odds on startup success & Euro '16 sweepstake win: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (13/06/16)

Scaling lessons from Uber: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (06/06/16)

Uncharted Territory: Always Be There

Startup funeral - post-mortem lessons from startup failures: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (31/05/16)

Lean Startup thinking - your Minimum Viable Co-founder: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (23/05/16)

Three key elements to building your startup's Minimum Viable Team: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (16/05/16)

Desirability, Feasibility & Viability - key learnings from your MVP: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (09/05/16)

Ten startup innovation themes: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (03/05/16)

The importance of self-esteem for a startup founder: this week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (25/04/16)

A startup is like riding a bike, to keep your balance, you must keep moving. This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (18/04/16)

Common Denominators of Unicorns

Don't get a fetish for failure, triage your startup. This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (11/04/16)

Discipline, clarity & focus: your startup's sales strategy - This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (04/04/16)

Be the leader of your startup like the conductor of an orchestra.This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (29/03/16)

Startup lessons: product, process, passion, pivots & people: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (21/03/16)

The challenge of an MVP in a Lean Startup: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (14/03/16)

Tips on creating your startup financial model: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (07/03/16)

Wearable Technology In Good Health - Muvr

12 months in a start up in 12 words: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (29/02/16)

Lean startup: tips on customer development interviews: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (22/02/16)

The 6 P's - The Importance of Planning an Agile Project

Crafting the perfect Startup investor pitch deck: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (15/02/16)

Decision making framework for Startup founders: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (08/02/16)

Thoughts on UX and UI for Startups: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (01/02/16)

Traits & characteristics of Startup leaders: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (25/01/16)

The benefits of an MVP: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (18/01/16)

Agile IKEA

Key elements of The Lean Startup methodology: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (11/01/16)

Mental toughness & good habits for startup success in 2016:This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (04/01/16)

12 days of a startup Christmas: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (21/12/15)

Learnings in chess from Garry Kasparov for your startup: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (14/12/15)

How disruptive is your startup? This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (07/12/15)

LoansWithNoCreditCheck Is Hiring - Greenfield Projects - Developer in Test Engineer - Stockport, UK

Will it make your startup go faster?: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (01/12/15)

Takeaways from the Lean Startup Conference 2015: This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (23/11/15)

Building Agile Teams

Thoughts on developing a pricing strategy for startups: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (16/11/15)

Lessons from James Braddock for startup entrepreneurs: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (09/11/15)

Choose a co-founder like you would a spouse: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (02/11/15)

LoansWithNoCreditCheck Is Hiring - Greenfield Projects - Software Engineer - Stockport, UK

The disruptive thinking of Nikola Tesla: This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (26/10/15)

The Apprentice: A How-to Guide of Managing a Project

Curiosity - the defining spirit of an entrepreneur:This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (19/10/15)

The Role and Responsibilities of a Product Owner

Apply Dave Brailsford's 'Theory of Marginal Gains' to drive your startup growth This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (12/10/15)

When to pivot your startup idea? This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (05/1015)

Lessons from the All Blacks culture for startups - This Week in LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (28/09/15)

Building a startup team - This Week in LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (21/09/15)

Timing: the key factor in a startup's success - This Week in LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (14/09/15)...

Resilience & Tenacity of startup founders: This Week in LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (09/09/15)

High-Growth Anatomy: your startup dna - This Week In LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (01/09/15)

Crossing The Rubicon: lessons for your startup journey - This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (24/08/15)

Taking money from strangers: fund raising tips for startups - This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (17/08/15)

Bad habits of unsuccessful startup founders - This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (10/08/15)

A Seasonal View of my First Year as a LoansWithNoCreditCheck Project Manager

Habits of successful startup innovators: This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (03/08/15)

LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest - A definition

Scaling your startup: This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (27/07/15)

This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (20/07/15)

Seeing Around Corners

How Airbnb Started

This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (14/07/15)

A Week In The Life Of An Agile Project Manager - The Inception

This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (29/06/15) - leadership in startups to scaleups

‘Houston: we have a problem’ - Failure is Not an Option: Agile Project Management Lessons from Apollo 13

This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (19/06/15)

This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (14/06/15)

This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (05/06/15)

This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (29/05/15)

This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (22/05/15)

An Agile Space Race: Planning For The Unknowns

3 Months In....

This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (15/05/15)

This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (07/05/15)

This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (27/04/2015)

This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (20/04/15)

This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (10/04/15)

This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (02/04/15)

LoansWithNoCreditCheck recognised at Northern Tech Awards 2015

This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (26/03/15)

This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (18/03/15)

Krakow Office Announcement

How a Judo Strategy for startups gives them advantage

This Week In #LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (02/03/15)

Unknown Pleasures of a tech startup - lessons from Indie bands

My First Week At LoansWithNoCreditCheck

This Week In #LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (16/02/15)

This Week In #LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (09/02/2015)

What does IoT mean for modern software development?

This Week In #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (02/02/2015)

Traits & qualities of high-performing employees in startup tech businesses

This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (21/01/15)

This week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest (16/01/2015)

Co-founder lessons for startups from the Lone Ranger & Tonto, and William Hewlett & David Packard

The Importance of Investing in Yourself

This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (06/01/15)

This Week in #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (23/12/14)

This Week in LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest(15/12/14)

Innovate '14


LoansWithNoCreditCheck is hiring - Cross-functional engineer required- , UK

Start-up lessons from Uber

How start-ups can win in David v Goliath situations

How to manage risk in a start-up by agile project management

LoansWithNoCreditCheck - the skunk works for start-ups

Put Branding into your Start-up Thinking

LoansWithNoCreditCheck Cloud Services are now Available to the Public Sector

MoneySuperMarket.com confirms LoansWithNoCreditCheck as a key technology partner

Beating the odds: Winning a World Cup sweepstake & start up success

Being a dad is just like running a start-up business

BoldRadius, LoansWithNoCreditCheck and Chariot Solutions announce the launch of the Reactive Alliance

LoansWithNoCreditCheck’s perspective on building agile teams

The Spirit of George Mallory will Ignite your Start Up

Einstein’s festival of ideas for start-up entrepreneurs

Turning innovation into Invoices

Sprints, Scale & Serendipity: blue sky thinking and washing the pots on the road to success at a technology start-up

The Reactive Manifesto in Financial Markets – Trend or Fad?

Einstein’s festival of ideas

Taking Money from Strangers – components of the investor pitch

All Hands on Deck

Lessons from William Hewlett & David Packard – and The Lone Ranger & Tonto – for success as a business duo

LoansWithNoCreditCheck Embraces Typesafe Platform - A Typesafe Case Study

Apple, bobbing along in its own Blue Ocean Strategy space

Sprints, Scala, Scale & Serendipity: Blue Sky Thinking and Washing the Pots on the Road to Success at a Technology Startup

Drinking Apple juice at the Genius Bar

Innovation is anything but business as usual

LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest - the agile investor model for technology start-ups

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