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Steve Strickland-Wright

CTO of LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest
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Posted by Steve Strickland-Wright
11/04/16 14:38

2015 was a big year for the unicorn (companies valued at $1bn or more) with 81 new entrants joining the club, including one decacorn ($10bn plus). Whilst each of those companies falls into different categories, there is a common denominator amongst most of them.

Posted by Steve Strickland-Wright
31/07/15 16:26

Right then, I’m going to start this post with a few introductions...

Posted by Steve Strickland-Wright
16/07/15 10:32

In 2007, designers Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia couldn’t afford the rent on their San Francisco apartment...to make ends meet, they decided to turn their loft into a lodging space...what happened next is incredible...

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