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Reactive Summit 2016

Posted by Peter Evison on 27/10/16 12:05

The inaugural Reactive Summit 2016 is now over, but what an incredibly successful event! A full house of 500 people attended the conference in Austin, Texas which brought together the world of reactive programming. LoansWithNoCreditCheck had a strong presence, as a main sponsor and in terms of technical talks, see below.

We will also be presenting at and sponsoring the  in Milan in December which promises to be Europe's largest Scala Conference!

As always we took our film crew with us with a brief to capture the heart of the conference - enjoy! 

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LoansWithNoCreditCheck's Talks

Monolith to reactive microservices

Jan Machacek

In this talk, Jan reviews an experience of rearchitecting and migrating a system that appeared reactive and microservice-based, but was in fact a monolith with RPC calls to a truly reactive architecture. The migration work had to be done without causing disruption to the current system, and without taking time to rewrite the system. The result is a biometric computer vision system with a distributed domain in Akka / Scala with storage in Apache Cassandra, with the computer vision components in OpenCV in C++, connected with RabbitMQ and with batch analytics code in Apache Spark. This talk shows the architectural and code smells that were the result of half-hearted reactive implementation and the way to address them, but also the impact of the changes on privacy and security of the stored biometric information.

Staging reactive data pipelines using Kafka as the backbone

Simon Souter & Jaakko Pallari

At LoansWithNoCreditCheck, we build highly distributed and scalable systems using Kafka as our core data pipeline. Kafka has become the de facto platform for reliable and scalable distribution of high-volumes of data. However, as a developer, it can be challenging to figure out the best architecture and consumption patterns for interacting with Kafka while delivering quality of service such as high availability and delivery guarantees. It can also be difficult to understand the various streaming patterns and messaging topologies available in Kafka. In this talk, Simon & Jaakko present the patterns we've successfully employed in production and provide the tools and guidelines for other developers to choose the most appropriate fit for given data processing problem. The key points for the presentation were: patterns for building reactive data pipelines, high availability and message delivery guarantees, clustering of application consumers, topic partition topology, offset commit patterns, performance benchmarks, and custom reactive, asynchronous, non-blocking Kafka driver.

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