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This Week In #Agile 8/12/2017

Posted by Jonathan Orgel on 08/12/17 09:30

Hello again from LoansWithNoCreditCheck and our Project Management Team. Welcome to this, our sixty second edition of “This Week in #Agile”. Please feel free to peruse some of the articles that we’ve enjoyed reading over the past week.

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This article covers the importance of being determined to learn. Having the will to learn empowers you to know what to do, Agile allows for trial and error, taking an empirical approach to working.  

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The article discusses the benefit of creating and implementing consistent systems and processes, introducing an economy of scale and enabling a culture of sharing of knowledge and learning across multiple projects.

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One of the most frequent criticisms I hear of Scrum when teaching Certified Scrum Master courses is “Scrum teams have too many meetings.”
With daily scrums, sprint planning meetings, sprint reviews, retrospectives and possibly even product backlog refinement meetings, it’s easy to understand the basis for this concern.

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Scrum is a mindset, an approach to turning complex, chaotic problems into something that can be used.

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Interesting discussion on LinkedIn. What do you think? Add your comment

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“United testing is waste”. Do you agree? Interesting deck.

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Let’s say you have a couple days to interact with a team. How might you know that you’re working with a high performing team? How might you — John — know that this is a good fit for you personally? See what criteria John Cutler decided on,

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Denise outlines an easy to use table to identify your leadership style.

Here at LoansWithNoCreditCheck we love catching up with people's opinions and articles, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have something to share. You can contact us via email on [email protected] or on twitter

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