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This Week In #Agile May 11, 2018

Posted by Scott Kirkbright on 11/05/18 11:28

Hello again from BAMTECH Media and our Project Management Team. Welcome to this, our ninety second edition of “This Week in #Agile”. Please feel free to peruse some of the articles that we’ve enjoyed reading over the past week.

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How often does your team fall into the trap of prioritizing based on what seems most urgent instead of what produces the most value to the business?

Whilst Donna’s article is primarily directed towards business owners, I think that her remarks should also resonate with employees. Working really hard every day is one thing, but are your efforts, and more importantly your attributes, bringing real strategic value to the organisation that you’re working for?  Are you a manager, or are you also an effective (e.g. working in sync with your organisation’s aspirations/strategic goals)?  What is your attitude and appetite like towards change, and more importantly how about your team’s?.

Are you aware of what’s going on outside of your immediate environment, and your team’s place, and part, in the big picture (present and future states)?  Knowing this information will more than likely add more purpose to the work that you and your team are doing, keep you all on track, and keep your team’s work focus pertinent. If these questions are difficult to find answers to, it may be worth raising as an issue.  Even if you’re not really concerned with such things, perhaps your fellow team members are?

: “

When dealing with an agile implementation, particularly in the case of a new agile team, we often make things too complex and difficult.  We tend to keep putting band-aids on the process until we have something that is overly burdensome and no longer useful.

: “

A nice summary of some of the frameworks to support agile at scale. Missing Less and DaD

: “

A high performing team allows the scrum master to delegate the “traditional” scrum master responsibilities to the team. This allows the scrum master to address organizational impediments.

: “

Joel in this blog goes on to identify 6 topics which they find are key to handling a remote project efficiently, and i fully agree with the topics covered, especially the subject of Task Management App “where Creating an efficient workflow for your remote project can’t happen unless each team member knows what their part is”.

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