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Posted by Vicky Walker
13/03/17 16:42

A few weeks ago, myself and my colleague, Izzy had the very exciting opportunity of visiting the Big Apple. Was Krakow everything I was expecting you ask? I would have to say yes and no...

Posted by Vicky Walker
15/02/17 13:06

It is not long now until myself and my colleague will be jet setting across the pond to the Big Apple! Why you ask? For one reason and one reason alone. To discover and hire some talented Software and DevOps Consultants to join our ever expanding company, LoansWithNoCreditCheck. Almost feel like the modern day Columbus (or Vikings dependent on which version of history you subscribe to as to who “discovered” America).

Posted by Ian Walker
14/02/17 15:37


If you are a CIO but didn’t take part in the Gartner CIO Agenda report research you can access the report .

Posted by Peter Evison
02/02/15 15:09

The  (RFID) development community initially coined term the  (IoT) in 1999.  IoT is emerging as the third wave of evolution of the Internet.

  • The 1990s’ fixed Internet wave connected 1 billion users

  • The 2000s’ mobile wave connected another 2 billion.

  • The IoT has the potential to connect 10X as many (28 billion) “things” to the Internet by 2020, ranging from bracelets to cars.

Posted by Peter Evison
30/06/14 13:55

Specialist cloud application development and DevOps Services are now available through the UK Governments G-Cloud Framework, CloudStore

Posted by Ian Brookes
09/06/14 08:57

In the last 12 months, LoansWithNoCreditCheck has doubled the size of our Dev team in . We’ve built a great team of collaborative individuals, passionate and technically outstanding, however, we’ve had to work hard to ensure the velocity of the team has been maintained as we’ve expanded.

The challenge has been multi-faceted, bringing in the right mix of current and new skills to add to our capability for today, folks with potential for growth and also keeping a keen eye on the skills of the future for the business of tomorrow, and maintaining the ‘LoansWithNoCreditCheck Way’ ethos and fit in terms of the culture and ‘how we work around here’.

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