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Posted by Jonathan Orgel
06/02/18 14:22

Many teams follow the three questions for their standups: “yesterday I did ...; today I will do …; I am blocked by …”. Time and again I see the same anti-patterns: It is not a planning meeting but a status report to the PO or PM. The team is not listening to other team members.

Posted by Jonathan Orgel
26/01/18 14:30


Posted by Jonathan Orgel
08/01/18 14:22

Hello again from LoansWithNoCreditCheck and our Project Management Team.We thought you might appreciate a listing of the blogs we enjoyed reading last year. Simply search for a topic or author of interest.

Posted by Sarah Nevett
22/09/17 13:24

Hello again from LoansWithNoCreditCheck and our Project Management Team.How time flies! Welcome to this our First Anniversary edition of “This Week in #Agile”. Over the past year, our weekly blogs have gained more and more interest so today really is a milestone!  

Please feel free to peruse some of the articles we’ve enjoyed reading over the past Year.

Posted by Jonathan Orgel
18/08/17 08:56


Posted by James Furness
03/07/17 11:42

I have been working with Agile teams at LoansWithNoCreditCheck for the best part of the last 3 years. During that time I’ve learned a lot about being a PM, a Scrum Master and I suppose, an Agile Coach.

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