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Posted by Jonathan Orgel
26/01/18 14:30


Posted by James Brookes
24/02/17 08:30

Hello one and all. Another week in the agile world has passed and brought with it the twenty second edition of “This Week in #Agile”. As ever our PM team have been hunting through the web to find and read your blogs and articles. Here are just some of the articles that we found this week which we would like to share with you, along with some of our take aways and learnings from them.

Posted by James Furness
10/02/17 11:38

So, i’ve not done a blog a quite a while, my last one fell out of my head and onto the interwebs almost 12 months ago. Since then i’ve worked on quite a few different posts, but a combination of writer’s block and general life ‘things’ haven’t afforded me the time to finish anything. Except, of course, this. This is a look at LoansWithNoCreditCheck’s development process.

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