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Posted by James Brookes
07/03/17 09:00

Last Wednesday evening, the hardy tech-explorers of LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest braved the wet and wild conditions, courtesy of Storm Doris, and travelled from their cosy nest in Reddish to the heart of to join the Harvey Nash startup tech event at Barclay’s Rise tech incubator.

Posted by James Brookes
15/06/16 15:02

The product owner is a key client stakeholder, and a vital point of contact and relationship for a project manager. Building rapport, transparent communication and collaborative behaviour are necessary skills and traits.

The best product owners are engaged in the entire process and are team-centric. Working collaboratively, the project manager and product owner develop and prioritise the product backlog during sprint planning, establishing the amount of work that can be done during each sprint, and how many sprints will be required. 

Posted by Steve Strickland-Wright
11/04/16 14:38

2015 was a big year for the unicorn (companies valued at $1bn or more) with 81 new entrants joining the club, including one decacorn ($10bn plus). Whilst each of those companies falls into different categories, there is a common denominator amongst most of them.

Posted by Steve Strickland-Wright
31/07/15 16:26

Right then, I’m going to start this post with a few introductions...

Posted by Steve Strickland-Wright
16/07/15 10:32

In 2007, designers Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia couldn’t afford the rent on their San Francisco apartment...to make ends meet, they decided to turn their loft into a lodging space...what happened next is incredible...

Posted by James Brookes
20/05/15 14:00

As soon as WWII ended, a new more sinister conflict of ego and bluff broke out between the USSR and USA. Whether it was who could build a bigger, dirtier bomb, or who had the bigger budgets to spend, both protagonists sought to outdo the other.

Amidst the bravado of military might standoff, a technological battle was raging, one that would put the victor into space and ahead in the race to put a man on the moon. The amount and number of unknowns that had to be considered and the size of the risks that had to be mitigated in order to achieve this goal were incredible. Kennedy set the goal in 1961, and it took the best part of a decade to achieve it.

It is dealing with the unknowns and mitigating risks in the space race, parallels to the agile approach to software development methodology can be seen. Whether the risk is using a particular technological stack, or whether a human can survive in sub-zero temperatures and zero gravity, the processes for mitigating this risk is an agile, iterative learning approach.

One of the first questions needing to be answered was literally, ‘how to get to the moon?’ The advances made in the realm of rocket technology in the arms race did not immediately translate into successfully sending a man into space, after all, the rockets had been developed with destructive intent. Was it conceivable to convert this power into something that could reach the moon? Could a human survive the G-force of being strapped inside a rocket? What happens when you actually reach the earth’s atmosphere - a rocket uses oxygen for combustion and with no oxygen in space, does that mean no combustion?

Posted by Ian Brookes
21/01/15 07:44

Welcome to this edition of This Week In #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (21/01/2015), a round-up and snap-shot of interesting blogs, news articles and stuff that caught our eye and we want to share, focused on tech start-ups.

Posted by Ian Brookes
16/01/15 07:27

Welcome to another edition of This Week In #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest (16/01/2015), a round-up and snap-shot of interesting blogs, news articles and stuff that caught our eye and we want to share, focused on tech start-ups.

Posted by Ian Brookes
06/01/15 10:48

Welcome to the first edition of This Week In #LoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest for 2015, a round-up of interesting blogs and news articles focused on tech start-ups

Posted by Ian Brookes
15/12/14 09:09

This Week in LoansWithNoCreditCheck Invest
Welcome to the first edition of #ThisWeekInLoansWithNoCreditCheckInvest! Each week I’ll be summarising the latest news and signposting the interesting blog articles focused on tech start-ups.

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