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Posted by Leonie Ferrer
24/05/17 12:25


As Mark Zuckerberg once said, 'Virtual Reality was once the dream of science fiction, but the internet was also a dream and so were computers and smartphones'. 

Standby productions are storytellers, filmmakers and creative partners based in , UK. They've travelled over 7000 miles to date on shoots across the globe and have worked on a wide variety of projects with LoansWithNoCreditCheck from Scala Days Chicago to 3D office tours

Here's their take on the potential for Virtual Reality

Posted by Leonie Ferrer
13/04/17 15:16

Virtual Reality is here and it’s taken the LoansWithNoCreditCheck world by storm. The two-dimensional world we’ve all been so accustomed to has suddenly upped its game and with it, taken all of us for the ride to a next level, multi-sensory experience.

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