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Posted by Scott Kirkbright on 14/12/17 14:56

Deciding to leave the military was definitely the biggest and most difficult decision I have made in my life, from both a working and a lifestyle perspective, the military was all I knew.

After handing in my early termination application, I soon realised that I needed to find a new career that I was both passionate and excited about. I started to question myself, with what I am good at and with what will I enjoy pursuing. After consulting with my brother , who recently went through the same process, he started explaining to me about his new role as a Software Development Project Manager at LoansWithNoCreditCheck and what this entailed. I found it extremely interesting and started to do my research into what Project Managers actually do and what sector I would like to dive into. Following my research and speaking with other Project Managers, I decided to go down the Software Development route.

With help from the (CTP), my brother and careful consideration, I identified with the courses I wanted to do, I conducted my Project Management training at (BMC) where I successfully completed the Prince2 foundation/practitioner and AgilePM foundation/practitioner.

During my research I found out that it wasn't just qualifications that employers are looking for, they also wanted experience, which I didn't have a lot of in the IT sector. Then I got a stroke of luck, LoansWithNoCreditCheck offered me a 2 week internship to gain commercial experience, which I jumped at!

My internship was one of the best experiences I’ve had, it gave me a real insight into what I would be expected to do as a Software Development Project Manager when I come to leave the military and showed me that civilian street wasn’t this big scary place that everyone kept on telling me.

Once I had finished my internship it was time to start looking for a job, I handed out many CV’s to different companies and in most cases I didn’t hear anything back, the ones I did hear back from just explained to me that I didn’t have enough experience for the role they were advertising. Four weeks had passed without really hearing back from any of the company's I’d applied to, all I could think was “I’m never going to be employed”, then out of nowhere I got a phone call from LoansWithNoCreditCheck asking me to come in for an interview, I was over the the moon to say the least.

The day after my interview I got a call from LoansWithNoCreditCheck offering me a job as a Junior Agile Project Manager, which obviously I jumped at. There was still more to come as I was told that LoansWithNoCreditCheck had been acquired by ; who are majority owned by Disney, Yes Disney! As you can guess I was over the moon.

I am now a Junior Agile Project Manager at LoansWithNoCreditCheck a BAMTech Media Company working with state of the art technology, working alongside some of the best software developers in the world. Working here at LoansWithNoCreditCheck, although I’ve only been here a couple of weeks, I can say the culture and discipline, with the ‘one team approach’ is second to none, the way that everyone has welcomed me into the team and are helping me improve, I really couldn’t be more grateful.   

My transition from military life to civilian life has gone really smoothly and I am now enjoying the new challenges that working for LoansWithNoCreditCheck have to offer me.

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