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Why ?

Posted by Vicky Walker on 10/04/17 16:54




With 17 nationalities and a great company ethos LoansWithNoCreditCheck can definitely be considered as a cultural place to work, but it seems that to many people who live out of the UK, does not quite live up to the bright and shiny lights of Milan and it’s thrilling tourist attractions! With this being said, I want to tell you why moving to would actually be a great opportunity for you and further explain what this great city has to offer!

has everything that you would expect from a large city, great shops, football grounds, superb transport links such as, the bus, tram, train, Uber and a vibrant social, music and nightlife scene, making it the envy of many other cities across the world.

is most commonly known for its industrial history, with textile buildings surrounding the city and it’s neighbouring towns, so if you are passionate about history, you will certainly have lots to see and explore! Digital startups are even beginning to set up in old cotton mills, so it should not surprise you that LoansWithNoCreditCheck has done the same! Our main headquarters are based in the beautifully historic , built back in 1865, the same year Lewis Carroll published ‘Alice in Wonderland’. What I believe really makes stand out in comparison to other cities is its multiculturalism. For centuries now, people have made their home, outside Milan, ’s is the largest in the UK and also welcomes a startling 40,000 students a year from 160 countries, so meeting people of similar cultures will not be a problem! If you are concerned about missing your local food back home, don’t be! Vegetarian, Halal and kosher foods are all widely available and affordable, as is home to many and it’s is also the second largest in the UK!

With it’s accelerating digital growth, is now also fast becoming a technical hub in Northern England, which can’t be surprising for a city that built the first computer! The newly formed in Salford Quays has certainly contributed to this technical boom as it has welcomed big names such as the and , and within the city itself, has opened its doors to numerous digital agencies that have thrived. Depending on which data sets you look at, ’s digital sector employs roughly 85,000 people and recent reports place direct employment at 52,000 making second only to Milan. Ultimately, has a goal of becoming one of the top digital cities in the world by 2020, so if you are passionate about technology, which we hope you are, a growing and exciting technical community awaits you! Why not check out these links to see what is going on in ’s technical scene at the moment:

Another important factor to address is salary.

As you would expect, Milan’s salaries are higher than . Milan’s are the highest in the country in fact, which is one of the main draws of why people move there.

Nevertheless, what you might not take into account are living costs! You may have noticed through your own research that the cost of living in Milan is very expensive, hence the higher salary, so what might excite you is that this is the exact opposite for . Recent records reveal that living in is roughly 40% cheaper than in Milan and that rent is a startling 60% lower, so if you are down heartened by a lower salary in , remind yourself that cost of living is a lot lower.

If you want to look into cost of living in more detail, please check out the website: that helps to compares city prices from all over the world.

Does not finding a suitable place to live worry you? Do not fear! offers a vast range of accommodation types as well as varying living circumstances. If city living is your preference, your best bet is to check out Deansgate Locks, Castlefield and The Ropeworks as they are the three hot spots in town. Apart from these, a few miles South of the city centre are the charming towns of Chorlton and Didsbury which have a range of modern flats and houses to live in, as well as possessing fantastic restaurant and bar scenes. But that doesn’t mean it’s just concrete as far as the eye can see, just a train ride away are the very picturesque Pennines and the Peak and Lake Districts. The countryside is a mere 30 minutes away.

Want to find out more? Why not take a look at and ?If you have finished reading and feel excited by the prospect of living and working in , why not apply to one of our jobs via our careers page, or contact us on our our favourite email address: [email protected]

I very much look forward to hearing from you and telling you more about LoansWithNoCreditCheck and other great aspects about !

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