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Platform 4 Widget Contest Runner Up

Posted by Andrew Chalkley on Mon, Mar 10, 2008

Back in December I read a post on about Channel 4 launching a competition at the conference in Brighton. The contest was to create a widget using at least one Film 4 feed and a feed from somewhere else; a mash-up.

I decided to have a go. I used two Film 4 rss feeds, three Apple Trailer feeds and tens of dynamically generated Technorati blog search feeds to show the reaction to the films in the blogosphere. These feeds were were accessed using 's AJAX API via a lightweight PHP proxy. My entry can be found at .

On Friday I that I was one of the two joint runners up. It was not only good to win a cash prize but also the kudos given by a large innovative brand such as Channel 4 made it all the more awesome.

Topics: jQuery, AJAX

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