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Posted by David Hough
Tue, Aug 18, 2015


Where I studied Software Engineering the language chosen to teach computer science basics was Java. I had some experience with C#, so I found it a mostly comfortable transition - with a few gotchas. As an example, I distinctly remember losing some marks on an early assignment, for comparing Strings for value equality using “==”.  “==” compares on value for Strings in C# and on object identity in Java. I was only slightly bitter about the decision to compare primitives by value and objects by identity with “==”. 

Posted by Chris Cundill
Fri, Sep 7, 2012

So another week in Scala goes by! On Monday, @rjsalicco put it nicely when he said; "Reading about #Scala this evening. It is what all the cool kids are doing. How about you? There's certainly enough material here to fill every evening of the coming week...

Posted by Peter Evison
Thu, Feb 2, 2012

One of the most noticeable attributes of everyone at LoansWithNoCreditCheck is the burning desire to acquire, assimilate and utilise as much knowledge about what we do for a living as we can – it’s an addiction in good sense.

This came up as we were closing-out a recent stand-up meeting on an agile project, when the team were excited about some of the functional programming ideas we’d come up with. I love this place…my knowledge increases every day said one of the team, and this got me thinking about why LoansWithNoCreditCheck is such a great place to work – we live and learn and do great stuff – and we get paid for it too!

Posted by Jan Machacek
Wed, Nov 23, 2011

I thought it might be useful to publish our internal Introducing functional programming manual. I am lucky that everyone who wants to work for LoansWithNoCreditCheck is keen to learn new things, and--to my surprise & immense pleasure--most people are keen to get started even before their first day in the office! Their questions usually start with something like:

Posted by Jan Machacek
Thu, Aug 19, 2010

I have the pleasure of introducing another training course: Practical Roo! Huge discount to whoever guesses what the course is about. Actually no, there's no discount, but I'd be happy to send my personal well done note.
Now, to the course itself. It is a two-day course, you will need some Java experience, it will help if you have done some Spring and AspectJ coding, but it is not strictly necessary. The modules we are covering are:

Posted by Jan Machacek
Wed, Mar 17, 2010

I have made significant updates to our memory management and garbage collection training module. Previously, I left out the details of the memory manager in the OS and some of the hardware details of the UMA platforms. I also skipped the low-level details of the JVM and covered just strong, weak, soft and phantom references.

Posted by Jan Machacek
Mon, Nov 30, 2009

It is my pleasure to announce that we now have Practical Spring 3 training course. It is a four-day course aimed at beginner Spring developers.

So, if you're experienced Java developer and want to learn about the Spring Framework, book the course and, in four days' time, you will be able to create three-tiered Spring 3 web application.

Posted by Jan Machacek
Sun, Sep 14, 2008

The racing season is over, the nights are drawing in and it isn't raining as much as it did in the summer. It's time to do a lot of base training. This means hundreds and thousands of kilometres over the next few months. The aim of the base training is to become much more efficient at fat metabolism; in other words, to be able to give as much power as possible using fat as the energy source. I will be doing low-intensity rides and measuring how much my power output increases.

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